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Large White Yorkshire

The "Canadian Yorkshire" breed pork represents the pinnacle of quality and taste in the pork industry, derived from the renowned Yorkshire pig breed, known for its exceptional lean meat and robust flavor. Esteemed for its fine-grained texture and versatility in culinary applications, Canadian Yorkshire pork is a product of meticulous breeding practices and sustainable farming in Canada's rich agricultural landscapes. This breed's adaptability to the Canadian climate and its efficient feed conversion rates contribute to the production of environmentally sustainable and economically viable pork. The dedication of Canadian farmers to maintaining high welfare standards ensures that each cut of Canadian Yorkshire pork not only meets but exceeds consumer expectations for taste, quality, and ethical sourcing, making it a preferred choice for chefs and households alike.

Paternal Line:

  • Lean, fast growing and highly adaptable
  • Highly prolific F1 hybrid female when crossed with Landrace
  • Proven leanness, growth rate, feed conversion, carcass merit and meat quality.
  • Boars are virile and aggressive breeders
  • Sows are well-known for milking ability and for farrowing large litters of vigorous piglets

Large White Yorkshire
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