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The Canadian Landrace breed, with its origins rooted in the Danish Landrace, stands out in the pork production and breeding industry for its exceptional qualities tailored to both meat production and breeding purposes. Renowned for its lean, high-quality meat, the Canadian Landrace is a preferred choice among butchers and chefs for its excellent flavor and tender texture. This breed is especially valued for its ability to produce large litters with high survivability rates, making it an ideal candidate for breeders looking to enhance the genetic quality of their stock. The adaptability of the Canadian Landrace to various climatic conditions, coupled with its efficient growth rates and feed conversion efficiency, makes it a sustainable option for farmers seeking to optimize their operations. The combination of these traits ensures that the Canadian Landrace breed continues to play a pivotal role in the advancement of Canada's pork industry, contributing to the country's reputation for producing premium quality pork products.

Maternal Line:

  • Purebred breeding or crossed with Yorkshire for best commercial da line
  • Excellent maternal traits, good temperament, breeding herd longevity and prolific reproduction
  • Large litters at birth, piglets extra heavy at weaning, strong ADG
  • Durable, adaptable, well muscled with strong feet and legs
  • Long body quality carcass high yield % of lean eat bacon and ham
  • Boars are dependable breeders with excellent temperament

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