Swine Business School

Course Overview:

This training program provides comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the management and production of pigs. Participants will learn about pig husbandry, health management, breeding, nutrition, housing, and business aspects of piggery farming.

Course Duration:

The training program will span over 2 weeks, consisting of both theoretical lectures and practical sessions.


  1. Introduction to Piggery Farming

    • Overview of the pig farming industry
    • Importance of piggery farming
    • Types of pig breeds and their characteristics
  2. Pig Husbandry

    • Housing requirements for pigs
    • Pig behavior and handling techniques
    • Sanitation and waste management in pig pens
  3. Nutrition and Feeding

    • Nutritional requirements of pigs at different stages
    • Types of feed and feeding practices
    • Formulating balanced diets for pigs
  4. Health Management

    • Common pig diseases and prevention strategies
    • Vaccination schedules and protocols
    • Recognizing signs of illness and basic treatment methods
  5. Breeding and Reproduction

    • Basics of pig reproduction
    • Breeding methods: natural mating vs. artificial insemination
    • Pregnancy care and farrowing management
  6. Growth and Development

    • Piglet care and management
    • Weaning practices and nutrition
    • Growth monitoring and record-keeping
  7. Market and Business Aspects

    • Marketing strategies for pig products
    • Economic feasibility and business planning
    • Value addition and diversification opportunities
  • Nutrition and Feeding

    • Setting up and maintaining pig pens • Feeding and watering pigs
    • Handling and restraining pigs safely
    • Identifying common health issues and administering basic treatments
    • Breeding management practices, including heat detection and artificial insemination techniques
  • Assessments:

    • Quizzes and exams to evaluate theoretical knowledge
    • Practical assessments to gauge hands-on skills and competency
    • Final project or presentation on a specific aspect of piggery management

    Additional Resources:

    • Recommended reading materials, websites, and online resources
    • Guest lectures from experienced pig farmers or industry experts
    • Field trips to successful pig farms for real-world exposure


    Upon completion of this training program, participants will have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage and operate a pig farming enterprise, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices and economic development.

    Successful participants will be awarded a Training Certificate which would help them in availing bank loans for setting up a successful and profitable Commercial Piggery Operation and become a part of on Organised Breeding Program.

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