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The Current pig production in India is ill-equipped to fulfil the latent need for high quality, traceable and genetically superior pigs suited for the Indian market and beyond.

While pig farmers lack breed, feed, veterinary care and management practices at their farms, pork consumers have a latent need for food safety, hygiene, traceability along with a deep desire for a convenient mechanism for pork order and delivery.

Emergent Farms fulfils both of these needs by bridging the gap between both these segments by providing Support to the farmers and Tech based solution to the Pork consumers so that the Pork market in India may expand and more farmers may diversify into pig farming, as piggery becomes mainstream and organised so that the incomes of our farmers may double in the days ahead.

In order to achieve our objective of mainstreaming Piggery into the broader Livestock farming in India, there is a need for Breed Improvements of our Indian Pigs. Emergent DreamWorks Infra Developers Private Limited has become the 1st Private Company in India to receive the permission to import live pigs from Canada from the DGFT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the DADF, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India.

We are also the 1st Private Company in India to import Frozen Boar Semen for genetic improvement of our pigs through the introduction of superior Canadian genetics in our Swine Breeding Program.

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