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We are elated and extremely proud to introduce our customers to the highest quality of farm bred, grain fed, European and North American exotic breeds of pigs which produce some of the finest and most delicious pork on the planet. Emergent Farms continuously aspires excellence with a commitment towards quality, traceability and exceptional service focused on the wellbeing of all our customers.

We at Emergent Farms, rear our pigs in sheds that are scientifically built and structured to enable close monitoring, controlled feeding, providing individual attention and measurement of specific metric for animal welfare. Our captive feed mill ensures the production of highly nutritious pig feed for keeping all our livestock at optimum health. Our sheds are segregated for Nursery, Gestation, Farrowing, Fattening, Quarantine, Growing and Fattening areas, which minimise the risk of infections and help in the best management of our livestock.

Our initiative uniquely serves both the rural piggery smallholder farmer and the urban quality conscious consumer by offering our best to both stakeholders in the 3 F model of Farm – Feed – Food or the Farm-to-Fork pork value chain. We at Emergent Farms, serve the needs of rural piggery smallholder farmers through the implementation of the Nucleus Pig Breeding Pyramid and by supplying them with fast-growing, highly productive and resilient cross breed piglets that are highly disease resistant, prolific breeders, are more productive for their meat as compared to indigenous native breeds and are highly adapted to the Subcontinental conditions. Through access to our breed, feed, vaccines, veterinary care, training, record keeping, handholding support and management, smallholder pig farmers become agripreneur channel partners who operating their own Multiplier and Commercial operations and thereby diversify their investment and are better suited to double their incomes and improve their resilience towards climate change. Further, we also provide market access and linkages to them by buying back their livestock.

Efficient pig breeding & farming at the Emergent Farms involves various strategies aimed at maximizing productivity, genetic improvement, and overall profitability in our pig farming operations. Here are some key aspects of efficient pig breeding:

  1. Selective Breeding:

    Selective breeding involves choosing the best breeding stock from the approved breeds of Large White Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc breeds, in the Telangana Pig Breeding Policy, based on desirable traits such as growth rate, feed efficiency, carcass quality, disease resistance, and reproductive performance. By selectively breeding individuals with superior genetics, the desired traits can be passed on to the next generation, improving overall herd performance.

  2. Genetic Selection Tools:

    Utilize modern genetic selection tools such as Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs), genomic selection, and DNA testing to identify superior animals for breeding. These tools enables Emergent Farms to make more informed decisions and accelerate genetic progress within the herd.

  3. Breeding Programs:

    Implement structured breeding programs tailored to specific production goals and market demands. Whether it's focused on lean meat production, prolificacy, or other traits, a well-designed breeding program can optimize outcomes and enhance efficiency.

  4. Crossbreeding:

    Crossbreeding involves mating pigs from different breeds to capitalize on hybrid vigour or heterosis. This can result in offspring with improved traits with better growth rates, fertility, and disease resistance compared to purebred animals.

  5. Reproductive Management:

    Implement efficient reproductive management practices to maximize the number of piglets born per litter and the number of litters per sow per year. This includes introducing superior germplasm, genetic evaluation, breed improvement program, proper nutrition, housing, breeding management, and health protocols to ensure optimal reproductive performance.

  6. Health and Disease Management:

    Maintain a robust health management program to minimize the impact of diseases on pig productivity. Regular vaccinations, biosecurity measures, and proper hygiene practices are essential to prevent disease outbreaks and ensure herd health.

  7. Optimized Nutrition:

    Provide pigs with balanced and nutritionally optimized diets to support growth, reproduction, and overall health. Through our OINK! Premium Swine Feed, we work closely with nutritionists to formulate diets based on the specific nutritional requirements of different production stages which maximize feed efficiency and reduce production costs.

  8. Data Monitoring and Analysis:

    Utilize data monitoring and analysis tools to track key performance indicators such as feed conversion ratio, growth rates, litter size, and mortality rates. Analysing this data can provide valuable insights into areas for improvement and enable informed decision-making to enhance efficiency.

  9. Continuous Improvement:

    Strive for continuous improvement by staying informed about advancements in pig breeding technologies, management practices, and industry trends. Regularly reassessing and optimizing breeding strategies based on performance data and market dynamics is essential for long-term success.

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